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Is your landfill reaching it's full potential?

LGI site construction Mugga

Maximise renewable energy, carbon abatement and environmental benefit from your landfill

Not all landfill gas management systems are created equal. While your current system is reducing the release of harmful methane into the atmosphere, even more could be possible.

LGI specialises in upgrading and optimising landfill gas management systems to achieve greater gas extraction, renewable energy generation and carbon credit creation.

With over 200 years of combined experience, our team represents the top tier of minds in the industry who deliver previously unimaginable results for communities and the environment.

Working with landfill owners, LGI achieves unrivalled gas extraction and power generation availability rates!

Innovation that turns heads


Onsite battery storage of renewable energy from landfill

Transitioning from gas flaring to a renewable energy powerhouse, LGI’s collaboration with City of Moreton Bay council has set new standards for what’s possible.


Installation of landfill gas management system


Upgraded to produce renewable power


1MW/2MWh Megapack energy storage installed

In this world-first, LGI’s generator fuelled by landfill gas is integrated with an onsite battery to store and dispatch fast, efficient renewable power into the local distribution power grid.

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Renewable power generated behind the meter

In a Queensland first, the landfill at the Toowoomba Waste Management Centre was transformed from a greenfields flaring project to one producing renewable power within only two years. LGI initially abated the methane from the landfill by flaring for 12 months. Now the abatement occurs by producing electricity that powers 90%-100% of the Council’s major wastewater treatment plant and the local grid.



Toowoomba Regional Council expects to save approximately $600,000 a year in electricity costs (based on current tariffs) as well as collecting approximately $150,000 a year in Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU) and electricity royalties (based on current charges/royalty rates).
Former Cr Nancy Sommerfield, Toowoomba Regional Council Water and Waste Committee Portfolio Leader

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Unparalleled Gas Extraction


Powering homes with renewable energy from a landfill

LGI doubled biogas recovery and carbon abatement in the first year of operating the brownfield site with biogas system upgrades and a new power station. The project stabilises the local electricity system for planning future development.

With ongoing investment in the gas extraction system, gas volumes are increasing and now LGI is expanding the generation capacity by 50%, the grid connection to 20MW and adding battery storage to create a renewable hybrid.


4MW power station commissioned


50% more generation capacity to 6MW and a 20MW grid connection


12MW battery storage system installation

The gas collected and processed by LGI at the Mugga Lane landfill can help to reduce emissions by 120,000 tonnes a year. This four megawatt power system will generate enough to power almost 6,000 homes.
Chris Steel, ACT Waste Reduction Minister (2021)

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Nowra (NSW)

Nowra (NSW)
More than Doubled the Output

Working with Shoalhaven Local Council, LGI has more than doubled biogas capture rates, leading to additional ACCU generation. LGI is now able to progress the development of a renewable power station, which will include advanced battery storage, supplying consistent and dispatchable power to the local energy grid.


By partnering with LGI, who more than tripled the potential output of our landfill biogas generator, we’re earning royalty payments, providing an ongoing and forever revenue stream – all from a system that LGI built at no cost to us.
Peter Windley, Project Manager Waste Services, Shoalhaven City Council

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Exceptional returns from the experts

Unlocking the full value of your landfill takes industry expertise, leading-edge technology, people and processes that are unique to LGI.

LGI - Icons -Learn and Grow

Maximise environmental impact

With LGI, you're not just adopting a service; you're embracing a partnership dedicated to turning good intentions into measurable impacts.
LGI - Icons - Carbon Credits

Unmatched efficiency and carbon abatement

LGI's state-of-the-art technology and methodologies to achieve the maximum abatement and ACCUs.
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Renewable energy revolution

LGI transforms sites into innovative powerhouses of dispatchable, renewable energy.

LGI makes it easy

Imagine being able to enhance the landfill at your waste management centre to being an integral part of your sustainability and renewable energy strategy. LGI provides resources and ongoing management, so you can sit back and enjoy the extraordinary and enduring benefits.

  • COST
    Beyond tendering and procurement, the cost can be zero.
    LGI can take over the operation of your landfill gas extraction system within days, upgrade the system within months and install a new power station in unrivalled timeframes.
    Higher carbon abatement, increased revenue from ACCUs and renewable energy, a more stable local grid and a great news story for the community.

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