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We provide carbon abatement and renewable energy solutions with biogas from landfill.

Fully integrated end to end solutions

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Greenhouse gas

Biogas from landfill systems tailored to achieve best practice environmental management outcomes and maximised carbon abatement. Over half of our sites create carbon credits.
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Biogas extraction
& management

We design, install, operate, maintain and monitor biogas extraction from landfill systems which can be complemented by our biogas to renewable energy power stations.
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We convert biogas extracted from landfills into renewable energy and across 8 sites currently produce over 85,000 MWh annually. We use GE Jenbacher gas engines as our preferred power generation equipment due to high efficiency and engine durability.
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Being passionate about achieving a zero carbon future, our team is focused on expediting the world’s transition to renewables by incorporating synergistic technologies to enhance the capability of renewables to provide reliable, affordable and responsive energy to customers.

How we beneficially use biogas.

LGI Biogas extraction system

Current Projects

Fern LGI

We provide holistic carbon and renewable energy solutions - a “one stop shop“.

We are a renewable energy and carbon abatement company which specialises on the capture and beneficial use of biogas from landfills and offers a full suite of services.

Our customers can choose to benefit from all or a selection of the extensive offerings which, include design, construction, operation, maintenance and monitoring of biogas extraction from landfill systems.

We drill wells and manufacture Type B compliant flares. We also build, own and operate biogas to renewable power stations on the landfills of our customers.

LGI is developing renewable hybrids on a number of our key renewable energy sites by incorporating a range of complementary technologies, including batteries, synergistic solar and green gas (bio-methane).

Carbon Expertise

The LGI team abates carbon and creates Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) through the capture and combustion of biogas to help customers achieve regulatory compliant, environmentally and commercially optimal outcomes.

We have established sophisticated Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU) trading systems with our deep understanding of carbon markets in Australia and internationally.

LGI has recognised expertise in ACCUs. We create and acquire over 300,000 ACCUs annually.

LGI’s carbon expertise is led from the top by Executive Director and Co-Chief Executive Officer, Dr Jessica North. With more than 20 years waste industry experience in management, consulting and research, Jessica has extensive Australian and international work experience from both developed and developing countries.

Our Benaraby project in Gladstone was the first new biogas from landfill project registered under the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI) in 2013.

We really enjoy what we do.

We are excited to announce that we will be attending LAWMAC's 30th Anniversary event on the 18th- 19th May. 

LAWMAC brings together members from the Local Government areas of Torres Shire in the north to Gladstone and Banana Shire Regions in the south, and extends inland to Mount Isa, Burke, and Cloncurry Shires. Their continuous work with councils provides critical interactive workshops for the community.

We can't wait to connect and network with like-minded professionals during this remarkable event. Looking forward to valuable discussions and fruitful collaborations! 

Find out more about LAWMAC:

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9-11 MAY 2023

Remember to book your time to speak with our LGI team members attending:

Dr Jessica North
Dr Victoria McKay
Brendan Fraser
Mick Fullelove
Katrina Nelson

Please visit them at our booth No. 57 to chat and learn about our latest innovations in carbon abatement and dispatchable renewable energy from landfills.

Don't miss Katrina's session, "Making proven technology smarter for optimal carbon abatement" at the EXPO - TECHNOLOGY & INNOVATION session on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, from 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM in the Superfy Marquee. 

Email us today to book your one on one time with our team:

Visit the Coffs Waste website to see the speaker schedule:

#renewableenergy #solarenergy #greenenergy #cleanenergy #sustainability #biogas #carbonabatement
Don't miss out on the opportunity to learn from the most innovative small-cap CEOs who are breaking barriers in their respective industries. 

Join us at the ASX Changemakers event on Thursday, May 4th at 9am, featuring our highly accomplished CEO Dr. Jessica North. 

Register your interest now and secure your spot!

#renewableenergy #solarenergy #greenenergy #cleanenergy #sustainability #biogas #carbonabatement
As a reliable, knowledgeable, well resourced and easy to deal with partner, LGI delivers the best outcomes for gas extraction, carbon abatement, generation of ACCU’s and dispatchable renewable power, best practice landfill operations and ultimately to a Council's overall bottom line.

LGI has a proven track record of providing innovative, commercial solutions for Councils and landfill owners. 

Find out more about our plans to engineer a cleaner future:

#renewableenergy #greenenergy #cleanenergy #sustainability #biogas #carbonabatement
Exciting announcement! LGI will be represented by several individuals including our very own Katrina Nelson, at the upcoming Waste Management Conference in Coffs Harbour this May. 

With her significant experience in energy, infrastructure and most recently the waste sector, Katrina will be shedding light on innovation and best practice in waste management, specifically on the topic of "Making proven technology smarter for optimal carbon abatement from landfills."

Being passionate about the growing intersection of waste management, sustainability, and renewable energy, Katrina is poised to make a significant contribution to this crucial conversation. We are incredibly excited to share our industry insights on this important topic.

Stay tuned for updates from the conference.

For more information visit:

#WasteManagement #CoffsHarbour #ExpertInsights
We are thrilled to be directly contributing to the Australian Government's commitment to reduce global methane emissions across the energy and resources, agriculture, and waste sectors. 

As the government prioritises long-term competitiveness and joins a growing international movement, we are proud to be playing our part by reducing methane emissions from landfills. 

Through our innovative solutions, we are helping to create a cleaner and more sustainable future for generations to come. As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, let us all remember the vital importance of protecting our planet and preserving its resources.

Visit our website to find out more about how we do this:
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Mayor Glen Hartwig of Gympie City Council giving the LGI team a brief on the success of our renewable energy project.

#renewableenergy #greenenergy #cleanenergy #sustainability #biogas #carbonabatement
By collaborating with forward-thinking councils and organisations throughout Australia, in particular in regional areas, we manage and use biogas from landfills to mitigate carbon emissions safely and cost effectively.

We design, install, operate and maintain biogas extraction systems on landfills with tailored solutions. LGI owns and maintains all equipment needed to supply quality outcomes for customers.

To see how this technology could benefit your local council make an enquiry today:

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What does collaborating with councils look like?

In the latest article from Waste Management Review , @Kerry Dalton, Co-ordinator Landfill of Operations at @Bundaberg Regional Council, reflects on the collaboration between LGI and it's landfill expertise to deliver impactful results. 

LGI's partnership with the Council led to a 20% increase in impaction to create more airspace. @Scott Prior, used his expertise to help this regional council capture biogas,  abate carbon emissions and also improve landfill operations.

Download the full article from our website: link in bio.

#renewableenergy #solarenergy #greenenergy #cleanenergy #sustainability #biogas #carbonabatement
LGI believes that many more local communities could benefit from carbon abatement and dispatchable renewable energy projects, using the biogas produced by their landfills. 

For example, our Caboolture site in Queensland commenced as a biogas extraction and flaring facility. As we increased the biogas flow, LGI installed a 2.1 MW power station to supply reliable, renewable power. Including during peak times, when hot Australian Summer days put immense pressure on the electricity grid.

At the same time, Councils serving those communities deliver savings to their rate payers, abate carbon and improve local air quality. 

Many other regional communities have the potential to benefit from LGI's smart carbon abatement and renewable energy projects.

Read about our latest achievements in renewable power on our website.

#renewableenergy #solarenergy #greenenergy #cleanenergy #sustainability #biogas #carbonabatement
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