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People engineering a clean energy, zero carbon future.

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Why LGI's ACCUs are a premium option?

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For a better and
cleaner future.

At LGI, we deliver renewable energy and carbon abatement solutions with our unique, flexible biogas from landfill operating platform. While managing the many risks associated with biogas from landfills, we harness the benefits by:

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Generating and distributing fast renewable energy

With over 200 years of combined experience in the industry, our biogas to renewable energy conversion is expediting the achievement of net zero around Australia. Ask us about our world-first innovations in landfill-based energy storage batteries, behind-the-grid green energy dispatching and synergistic solar initiatives.

Leading technology for distributing dispatchable, fast renewable energy.

LGI is at the forefront of technical development and implementation in turning landfill gas into renewable energy and revenue generation, leading the world in:

  • Biogas capture with ERF-compliant flares
  • Conversion of biogas to renewable power or green gas (bio-methane)
  • Synergistic technologies (generation from solar or energy storage with batteries)
  • Alternative energy off-take arrangements

Contact us today to discuss your requirements for managing biogas from landfill.

Our projects

Increasing greenhouse gas abatement from existing landfills.

In a perfect world, all waste would be recycled or beneficially used and the earth would be powered purely by renewable energy, but we’re not there yet. So, in the meantime, we capture the biogas that landfills produce.

Get on board this clean, efficient and proven way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

More about carbon abatement with landfills

LGI Biogas Infrastructure

Biogas Infrastructure and Management

We design, install, operate and maintain biogas extraction systems on landfills with tailored solutions. LGI owns and maintains all equipment needed, including a drill rig, to supply quality outcomes for customers.

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Expertise in Carbon Markets and ACCUs

The LGI team applies proven capability to optimise biogas extraction for carbon abatement and creation of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU’s), as well as to generate renewable energy and large scale renewable credits (LGCs).

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We're Saving the Planet One
Landfill at a Time

We collaborate with forward-thinking councils and organisations throughout Australia, in particular in regional areas. We manage and beneficially use biogas from landfills to mitigate carbon emissions safely and cost effectively.