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Renewable energy

25 GWh generated since December 2018.
LGI - Icon Greenhouse Gas Abatement

Biogas captured

20.3 million m3
LGI - Icons -Co2 Abated

Carbon abatement

193 thousand tonnes (T CO2e abated in total)
LGI - Icons Seedlings Planted

Seedlings planted

3.2 million seedlings planted for 10 years.

Battery storage capacity

1MW / 2MWh Tesla Megapack
As of February 2024

Renewable Hybrid - Biogas to Power with Battery Storage

  • Long-term contract with Moreton Bay Regional Council at Bunya, Dakabin and Caboolture to recover and beneficially reuse biogas.

  • LGI designed, built, and operates the Bunya renewable power station operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Commissioned in 2018 as 1MW, in 2021 LGI downsized the generator to 600kW.

  • In 2024, LGI upgraded to a renewable hybrid with a battery energy storage system (BESS) comprising a 1MW/2MWh Tesla Megapack.

  • Supplies consistent and dispatchable (baseload and peaking) renewable power into the local system and helps stabilise the local electricity system for planning future developments within the region.

  • LGI supplies operations & maintenance, monitoring of the biogas collection and management systems to provide the best environmental outcome.

  • LGI collaborates closely with Moreton Regional Council from design of the biogas extraction system to completion of the renewable energy power station.