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Active biogas extraction in as little as 6 months

While landfill sites release harmful methane gas and carbon dioxide (CO₂) into the atmosphere and running costs continue to mount, LGI has a money saving solution to enhance your waste management centre, more quickly and easily than any other strategy available today.

Why Now?

Governments and regulators are seeking to increase council participation in active biogas extraction from landfills.

If mandated, this could reduce or eliminate financial support and incentives currently available. Councils could be required to foot the bill for active biogas extraction systems and at the same time also lose access to carbon credit revenue.

LGI makes it easy for landfills to be transformed from being an emissions producer to a source of significant reduction in a council’s carbon footprint and a potential source of revenue.

Pre-market & Scoping

The proper steps at the right time, in the right way can fast track councils to having an optimised biogas extraction and flaring system in their landfill. LGI supports you every step of the way, so there are no surprises or re-work to deliver to councils the maximum financial, operational and environmental benefits.

We will support you to:

Prepare for procurement

  • Share our experience, contacts and templates
  • Listen to your core objectives and reach outcomes important to you
  • Identify the potential for electricity generation

So you don’t have to use your own resources to get this off the ground.

Procurement Process

  • Connect you with other councils that have active biogas extraction systems in their landfills

So you can understand the potential, scope and opportunity in full.

Complete the procurement process

  • Public tender
  • Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Contract Direct, e.g. via Local Buy

So you can move to construction at lightning speed.

Active biogas management - starts with Flaring

From design, construction and operation teams, engineers, carbon credit experts, financial and commercial management executives, and environmental specialists, LGI is fully integrated and provides an extensive group of world-class experts in one friendly approachable team.

We will provide everything required to:

Build It

  • Collaborate with your waste management team for a seamless execution
  • Share our landfill best practice expertise to improve your site
  • Provide construction and engineering teams during the entire project
  • Installation with all our own equipment including drilling rigs, construction crew etc.

So you have the benefit of a highly specialised team without the responsibility or cost.

Run the project

  • Install, operate & maintain, report & monitor and expand when required
  • Manage all aspects of registering, reporting and managing the creation of carbon credits from the ERF project
  • Upgrade your site to power generation (where applicable)
  • Optimised share of carbon credits with in-house specialists managing the process

So you have the benefit of a long-term collaborative partner who will continue to deliver the optimal financial and environmental result.

Could your landfill be more cost effective?

Councils do not need in-house teams to procure, install and manage these complex systems. Nor should they have the skills and resources needed to manage the rigorous processes involved with carbon credits. While these projects may seem complex, our expertise simplifies the entire process by managing it all for you from concept to delivery. With regulators seeking to increase active biogas extraction, time could be running out for councils to benefit from carbon credits. Don’t delay, there may not be a lot of time for councils to seize this opportunity.

– Jarryd Doran, Chief Operating Officer, LGI

Meet Jarryd Doran, Chief Operating Officer - LGI

As an avid outdoorsman and engineer I’m always looking for new and creative ways to address the impacts civilisation has on our environment. At LGI I’m able to contribute my knowledge and experience towards developing innovative renewable energy, low carbon solutions across Australia. Enjoying today, working on a better tomorrow.

Turning Methane into Energy Gold Toowoomba Landfill Paves the Way

The future of your landfill can be greener and more financially viable, but only if you take advantage of it.

Download Case Study

While most landfill sites begin with a biogas flare, some can be eligible to transition into clean energy producers. During the pre-market and scoping process, we will investigate this option for your landfill to:

LGI makes it easy for Councils to benefit now from active biogas extraction from their landfills.

LGI has the expertise and resources to facilitate every element of biogas extraction at your landfill. Our specialised team is here to collaborate with you for the long term.

Leverage our skills for the best environmental and financial outcomes. Get in touch with us today to arrange a site visit.

A long-term investment that always pays off.

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