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Working with councils

We collaborate with councils to turn the harmful biogas produced by their landfills, into an asset that creates value from that waste gas.

Tap in now before it’s too late.

Gympie Regional Council Mayor Glen Hartwig with LGI's Scott West.

Councils should act now or risk losing up to 12 years of potential carbon credits or revenue.

The Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) provides significant financial incentives for councils to have active biogas management at their landfill sites.

However, these incentives could change.

Biogas extraction systems to abate carbon from landfills may become mandatory. If so, this could reduce or eliminate the eligibility for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) being created from landfills.

Acting now could mean the difference between having a comprehensive biogas management system at low or no cost or Councils being forced to absorb the cost of a system.

Why miss out on the opportunity to create financial value from your landfill?

LGI has experience and expertise developing active biogas management on landfills all over the country. With a proven track record and highly optimised processes, we deliver the best environmental and financial outcomes for councils and their communities.

LGI also has significant selling power and an experienced ACCU management team to get market-best prices, saving councils from having to manage this process internally.

Meet Dean Wilkinson

Expert advice from LGI’s nationally recognised powerhouse in finance.

Dean Wilkinson is LGI’s Chief Financial Officer bringing over 30 years’ of experience in banking, property, franchising, utilities and energy to his role.

His portfolio of responsibilities spans international expansion, capital and treasury management, information technology strategies and strategic risk management. Having worked in developing and modelling, needs assessment, negotiation of multi-million dollar contracts, and driving commercial outcomes to completion, Dean has been across every element of making successful change on a large scale.

Dean provides councils with the strong hand of knowledge and experience required to ensure their landfill achieves the maximum environmental and financial benefit.

Commercially viable landfill - Lessons learned from Gympie

Biogas doesn’t sleep. As a result, landfill biogas can account for 60% to 80% of a council’s carbon emissions. The upside is that biogas capture infrastructure has the potential to significantly reduce this.

That’s why, for example, in 2018 LGI collaborated with the Gympie Regional Council, to install a biogas extraction and flaring system on their small, regional landfill. Today 9.8 million m3 of biogas has been captured, equating to 93 thousand tonnes of t CO2e. With more landfilling and continued infrastructure enhancements, this abatement results will increase over the years to come.

This has created 31,000 ACCUs, enabling Gympie council to have a comprehensive biogas extraction system at no cost.

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*As of May 2023

A win-win for councils and communities, at low or no cost.

Every day, councils without carbon abatement on their landfill is a lost opportunity – financially and environmentally.

The funding, revenue and resources are already in place. All you have to do is choose the right partner to reap the rewards.

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A long-term investment that always pays off.

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