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Carbon Credits from Landfills

High-integrity ACCUs from landfills deliver immediate, measurable and permanent carbon abatement.

Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) are an essential pathway to achieving net zero, but not all ACCUs are created equal.

One ACCU is generated for each tonne of carbon emission stored or avoided above a baseline from approved projects. In some cases, this can be difficult to measure and there can be risks of stored emissions returning to the atmosphere (think bushfire).

In other words, some ACCUs may not represent permanent and additional emissions reduction. 

At LGI, we create ACCUs which are accurately measurable and represent permanent, irreversible carbon abatement.

Active Landfill Gas Extractionthe capture and combustion of landfill-produced methane (a greenhouse gas 28 times more harmful than carbon dioxide) converted into carbon dioxide and water.

You can’t unburn methane, so this process reduces greenhouse effects by 96 per cent – immediately and irreversibly with a list of benefits as long as a clear blue sky.

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LGI - Why LGI's ACCUs are a premium option?

LGI's ACCUs can help any organisation needing carbon credits to achieve their net zero ambitions.

LGI has the experience, team and in-house resources to plan, build and run landfill gas extraction at your site. This is combined with a dedication to long-term partnerships, and our expertise in creating and managing Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) projects. We create ACCUs of the highest integrity, which can help any organisation needing carbon credits to achieve their net zero ambitions.


Carbon is being abated as soon as landfill gas flaring begins.


Full transparency and high levels of accuracy translate to provable impact.


The 96% reduction in greenhouse effect from flaring is irreversible.

LGI has the highest abatement baselines in the landfill gas industry

ACCUs are only issued for going above and beyond established baselines.

At LGI, we believe we have the highest ACCU baselines in the landfill gas industry. We stand by our results and are the first and possibly the only landfill gas company to publish baselines and other ACCU project data on our website.

Contact us today if you need ACCUs of the highest integrity or if you have a landfill site which we could help to turn into a clean, green ACCU-generating machine.

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