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Renewable energy

59 GWh generated since August 2012
LGI - Icon Greenhouse Gas Abatement

Biogas captured

52.8 million m3
LGI - Icons -Co2 Abated

Carbon abatement

501 thousand tonnes (t CO2e - environmental benefit)
LGI - Icons - Carbon Credits

ACCUs created

399 thousand Australian carbon credit units
LGI - Icons Seedlings Planted

Seedlings planted

8.3 million seedlings planted for 10 years (t CO2e)
As of February 2024

Biogas to Renewable Power Project

We expedite the transition to renewables with clean energy and carbon abatement solutions. Carbon credits enable a commercially viable project to create additional abatement.

  • Long-term contract with Brisbane City Council to recover and beneficially use biogas from this small landfill in Brisbane. Closed for 20 years, and still producing enough biogas to fuel a power station, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to the local economy.

  • No regulatory requirement to capture biogas. ACCUs under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) enabled additional abatement by making development of this small biogas to renewable power project commercially viable on this old, closed landfill, with a zero percent baseline.

  • The project supplies consistent, dispatchable (peak and base load) power to help stabilise the local electricity system for planning future development in the region. Commissioned in 2011 as 1MW, in 2019 the generator was replaced with an optimally sized 600kW unit to match reduced biogas volumes from the closed landfill.

  • LGI collaborated closely with the Council regarding the design, installation, operations and maintenance of the biogas management system, including the monitoring and reporting services provided and to develop the power station.