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LGI - Icon Greenhouse Gas Abatement

Biogas captured

7.6 million m3
LGI - Icons -Co2 Abated

Carbon abatement

73 thousand tonnes (T CO2e abated in total)
LGI - Icons Seedlings Planted

Seedlings planted

1.2 million seedlings planted for 10 years
LGI - Icons - Cars off the road

Cars off the road

1,182 (for the last 12 months of carbon abatement)
As of February 2024

Biogas Capture and Abatement from Landfill Project

  • Long-term contract with Brisbane City Council to recover biogas and reduce methane related emissions.

  • LGI 250 ERF compliant biogas flare and gas extraction infrastructure installed in 2014.

  • Council benefits from an industry leading, bespoke biogas management system.

  • LGI collaborates closely with the Council regarding the operation, and possible expansion of the biogas collection and management system.

  • LGI supplies operations & maintenance, monitoring and reporting of the biogas collection and management systems to provide the best environmental outcome for Council from the former landfill at Upper Kedron.