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Renewable energy

101 GWh generated since November 2015
LGI - Icon Greenhouse Gas Abatement

Biogas captured

60 million m3
LGI - Icons -Co2 Abated

Carbon abatement

570 thousand tonnes (t CO2e - environmental benefit)
LGI - Icons Seedlings Planted

Seedlings planted

9.5 million seedlings planted for 10 years (t CO2e)
As of February 2024

Biogas to renewable power project

We expedite the transition to renewables with clean energy and lower carbon solutions, reliability, effectively, commercially for our customers.

  • Long-term contract with Moreton Bay Regional Council at Bunya, Dakabin and Caboolture to recover and beneficially reuse biogas.

  • LGI designed, built, and operates the Dakabin 2.1 MW renewable power station operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Commissioned in 2015 as 1MW, expanded to 2MW in 2018 with scope for expansion and enhancement already underway.

  • LGI collaborates closely with Moreton Regional Council from design of the biogas extraction system to completion of the renewable energy power station.

  • Supplies consistent and dispatchable (baseload and peaking) renewable power into the local system and helps stabilise the local electricity system for planning future developments within the region.

  • Siloxane Removal System (SRS) is embedded into LGI’s modular power station design to deliver significant O&M savings and increased availability to enable more renewable energy creation. This approach was pioneered by LGI on landfills in Australia.
  • LGI supplies operations & maintenance, monitoring of the biogas collection and management systems to provide the best environmental outcomes.